• The process of making silk

    The process of making silk
    Step 1: Reeling Silk from the cocoon of silkworm du, become the raw material for weaving silk. A cocoon can be pulled out of the cocoon of about zhi 1000 meters long silk, a number of cocoon silk combined dao and become raw silk. The cocoon out of the silk process is generally known as silk reeling. The original reeling method is to soak...
  • What is silk? The benefits of silk clothing!

    What is silk? The benefits of silk clothing!
    Thousands of silk into cocoons, thousands of cocoons into clothes. Each silkworm's lifetime spit silk is only a few hundred meters long. A silk blouse or a silk dress requires a very large amount of silk to make. "Silk” is not easy to obtain, so it is destined to be luxurious and mysterious.✔Green and environmental protection. ✔Soft and smooth.✔Beauty of the skin to nourish the...
  • How to Wash and Care for Silk Clothes?

    How to Wash and Care for Silk Clothes?
    Few fabrics feel as luxurious as silk, and you might be surprised to find that dry cleaning may not be your only option for washing them. Check out the silk basics guide below. Read the care label When a label says “Dry Clean” that is the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning method, but it may not be the only method available—hand washing silk clothing is often...
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