Introduction to Silk

Silk, a kind of fabric, is woven from silk or artificial fibers, rayon, staples, etc.; a basic term for textiles constructed from intertwined or pure silk or rayon.

In old times, silk was a fabric woven from silk (primarily mulberry silk, including a percentage of tussah silk and cassava silk). In modern times, because of the expansion of fabric raw materials, all fabrics woven with all-natural or synthetic filament fibers can be called silk in a broad feeling. The silk woven by pure mulberry silk is additionally called "real silk".


Silk is an unique item of China. The working people of old China created and also produced silk items on a large scale. It additionally opened up the very first massive profession exchange between East as well as West in the history of the globe, called the Silk Road. Since the Western Han Dynasty, Chinese silk has been delivered abroad in huge quantities, becoming a world-famous product. At that time, the roadway from China to the West was called the "Silk Road" by Europeans, and also China was likewise called the "Silk Country."