What is silk? The benefits of silk clothing!

Thousands of silk into cocoons, thousands of cocoons into clothes. Each silkworm's lifetime spit silk is only a few hundred meters long. A silk blouse or a silk dress requires a very large amount of silk to make. "Silk is not easy to obtain, so it is destined to be luxurious and mysterious.

1. Green and environmental protection. Made of natural mulberry silk, non-polluting and truly green.
2. Soft and smooth. Close to the skin is not comparable to any fiber, known as the "Queen of Fibers" the second skin of the human body, so that the human mind and body can really get! Best care and enjoyment.
3. Beauty of the skin to nourish the skin. Silk is made up of 18 kinds of amino acids that the human body needs, which is a natural protein fiber, and its chemical structure is similar to human skin. The compatibility. Can help the skin to maintain the surface lipid film of the metabolism, prevent skin aging, promote blood circulation to delay aging, so that the skin remains moisturized Smooth.
4. Warm in winter and cool in summer. When it is cold, reduce heat conduction, warmth better than cotton and wool. When it is hot and can be discharged more She's heat, so that the body temperature remains constant, to play the role of winter warmth and summer cool.
5. Anti-ultraviolet ray. The tryptophan and Moet acid in silk protein can absorb the ultraviolet rays, so it has better anti-ultraviolet function.